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Your Guide to Getting Started

One Partner Guiding You Along Your EV Journey.

What You Told Us
We heard from dozens of businesses that planning and implementing an EV charging stations strategy is challenging. So we put together a guide on how your business can get started.

Here's your quick step-by-step guide

    • Is the installation of EV charging stations for internal access only? Or will you allow public charging?
    • Are you planning to provide the services as a perk to employees, patrons, or students?
    • Are you planning to monetize the use of the charging stations?
    • Will you need capacity for fleet charging?
    • How will you use EV charging as a way to promote your overall sustainability plan?
    • How can EV charging support other sustainability initiatives?
    • What grants/incentives are available to help you finance your project? Will your solutions provider help you apply for the incentives?
    • What other financing is available?
    • Will your electrical contractor, in-house team, or the EV charging solutions provider install the chargers?
    • Will the EV charging solutions provider subcontract the work? What role will they play in the installation?
    • Who is responsible for the site finish (line striping, signage, ADA compliance)?
    • Do you have a sufficient existing electrical load to power the charging stations?
    • Do you need electrical, panel, or other electrical infrastructure upgrades to support charging stations?
    • Does the software contain a power management feature to help reduce the electrical load?
    • Ability to track charging and create reports
    • Ability to load/manage to reduce the need for electrical upgrades
    • Robust monetization features
    • Ease of end-user interaction with the charging station
    • Notifications of inactive chargers
    • Will your EV service provider provide you with ongoing guidance?
    • Is your EV service provider taking a percentage of your charging revenues?
    • Do you have the ability to set charging rates, or does the EV service provider?
    • Is your brand important enough to consider a white-label option?
    • Will your team or your EV service provider maintain them?
    • What warranty coverage is available and options replace hardware?
    • Software training
    • Monetization guidance
    • Fuel reporting (certain states)
    • Incentive reporting (if money is taken)

We know how overwhelming it can be.
Contact our team to help your organization prioritize how to get started.