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The Easy Way to EV Integration

Hardware, software and EV charger installation solutions for all your community’s EV needs.
Installation & Support

Our in-house teams perform thorough site reviews to identify systems capacity and optimize location. This ensures peak efficiency for your EV charging infrastructure and allows for future expansion.

EV charger installation for Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey. NEVI
EV Charger Installations

Design & Site Review

Before installing your new EV charging infrastructure, our due diligence process includes determining and complying with all permits and zoning requirements.

Project Management

Our management teams, reliable field crews, and state-of-the-art technology keep projects running on time, on budget with safety as our number one priority.

EV charging maintenance. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey. NEVI
Worry Free Maintenance

Proactive Monitoring

Our ev charging software provides alerts for chargers and network issues. This keeps your ev chargers up and running

Technician Dispatch

As needed, we send trained technicians to your site at no cost to you.


Coral EV covers all parts and labor costs for repairs not under warranty.

EV charger compliance for Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. NEVI
Worry Free Compliance

Audit Reporting

We constantly evaluate and report energy usage, charger uptimes and utilization to meet your local state requirements.

Secure Interoperable Software

Coral EV’s software is open, interoperable, and hardware agnostic. This means our software will integrate with any compliant EV charging equipment.

Use this platform to connect and control all your EV infrastructure from one central hub. Manage revenue, users, energy output, and more.

Hardware Agnostic

Coral EV's technology platform is flexible and unique as it combines secure, interoperable software with many OCPP compliant EV charging equipment such as ABB, EV Box, Phihong, Siemens.

Start Charging
Contact our experienced team to find out how adding electric vehicle chargers to your business or next project, can yield the most return.